What is Fujisan Family?

Fujisan Family is an organization that helps backpackers enjoy their visit to Kawaguchiko.
The Bicycle Rental - located in front of the Kawaguchiko Sation - provides a number of useful services that include bicycle rental service, and storage service. Moreover, we operate three different lodging facilities (capsule inn, a hostel, and a hotel) so that backpackers can enjoy their visit to Kawaguchiko according to their budget.
We strvie to become the starting point of your visit to Kawaguchiko.

 Access to Kawaguchiko Station

- Tokyo Area

Bus:Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal → (Highway Bus) → Kawaguchiko Station(est. 2 hours)
Train:Shinjuku Station → (JR Chuo Line) → Otsuki Station → (Fujikyu Railway) → Kawaguchiko Station (est. 2.5 hours)

- Nagoya Area

Train and Bus:Nagoya Station → (Shinkansen) → Mishima Station → (Highway Bus) → Kawaguchiko Station (est. 3.5 hours)

- Kyoto Area

Train and Bus:Kyoto Station → (Shinkansen) → Mishima Station → (Highway Bus) → Kawaguchiko Station (est. 4 hours)

- Osaka Area

Train and Bus:Shin Osaka Station → (Shinkansen) → Mishima Station → (Highway Bus) → Kawaguchiko Station (est. 4.5 hours)

- Hakuba / Mastumoto Area

Train: Hakuba Station → (Oito Line) → Matsumoto Station → (Chuo Line Express) → Kawaguchiko Station (est. 6 hours)

Our News


SYARIAH HOTEL FUJISAN opens in July, 2016. 


Hostel Fujisan FBH opens in July,2016


Our capsule hotel opens in Kawaguchiko around end of May, 2016.


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